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Mulatiyana zonal education office is in Hakmana town, 25 Km away from matara.Thihagoda , Kamburupitiya , Hakmana and Deiyandara are some of the small towns in our education zone. Our education zone is Km2 in size. There are 95 schools ,17 pirivenas and one semi government school in our education zone.We supply the needs of those schools and pirivenas including such as cordination ,administration ,monitoring, payment and maintaining personal file of teachers and others who are engaging with the education office.
There are four divisional education offices.They are Thihagoda ,Hakmana ,Kamburupitiya and Mulatiyana. It gives facilities to easy administration and monitoring and for the teachers it is easy to get services. Schools spreading in our education zone is; under Kamburupitiya education division has 27 schools,Mulatiyana education division has 26 schools , Hakmana education division has 26 schools Thihagoda education division has 16 schools.
According to the census of year 2008 the whole student population is 30442 and principals ,inservice advisers and teacher population is about 2311 in number. our naighbourinh education zones are Tangalle ,Walasmulla ,Akuressa ,Matara and Morawala.Our education zone is a collection of Hakmana , Kirinda Puhulwella , Kamburupitiya and Mulatiyana DS divisons.

Zonal Director

Before 1984 sschool monitoring and eveluation were done by district education director's office. As there were so many schools in a division it wasn's reach goals. In 1984 electorate based divisional educational offices were established.This structure was changed to divisional secretariat division based divisions after a short period time because rappid increasing of student and teacher population. At present, zonal education office,which establishe in 1995 manage to monitoring, eveluation and facilitating all schools through four divisional education offices thihagoda, kamburupitiya, hakmana and mulatiyana.

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